Le 10 Bis


Located on a quiet street in the 17th Arrondissement and just a short walk from the Arc de Triumph and Le Champs Elyse, Le 10 Bis offers a peaceful retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Paris. Nestled in a typical Haussmann style block, this boutique hotel delivers contemporary parisian style combined with the classic - cute little balconies and all!

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Having opened its doors as recently as in 2016, the interior decor is modern and everything feels new and immaculate - a big plus if you are as particular about cleanliness as I am. Offering a very friendly yet discrete service, all staff proved helpful and professional from the very first interaction. On arrival I was informed that each room is equipped with a smartphone at the guest’s disposal, loaded with information on the local area and amenities. A nice touch that might make all the difference for people who -unlike myself ha!- do not have specific itineraries planned or destinations in mind.


The deluxe double room I stayed in was just perfect for a short trip: compact, which is to be expected in Paris, very functional and cosy. The brown and blue tones set a mellow mood, complemented by my favourite Spotify playlist via the bluetooth JBL speakers provided; ideal while getting ready for the day or when unwinding before bed.


Being the clean-freak that I am, the bathroom is a major factor when determining the quality of my stay in a hotel. This was no disappointment: with a contemporary finish comprising of a shiny, high pressure rain shower and Rituals toiletries - a favourite brand of mine- taking a shower in this spotless washroom was a delight!


The dining area, right opposite the reception desk, is cosy and collected. Despite opting out of breakfast, there was a wide selection of HQ teas available throughout the day: a perk I especially appreciated when on my way back to the room, after a late night out.

© Le10bis

© Le10bis

Prompted by a few decor hints, I spent some time researching the past of this building…and found myself discovering the most unexpected of stories! On the History page, the official hotel website alludes to its past as “a centre of exotic Parisian nightlife”, an ambiguous, if not dubious term (especially in the context to come…). It turns out this very building was once Paris’s most famous “pleasure home”, run by a famous Parisian socialite who went by the name Katia La Rouquine (The Ginger) and who’s real name is Lucienne Goldfarb. My research led me to learn that, in the 19th century, she was regarded as a very controversial character: it is said she worked closely with the police as an informant from the 1940’s onwards, while establishing herself in the business. She went on to open her establishment in the 1960’s and lived in an adiecent flat up until 2014, year in which she was made to move into a retirement home (aged 90).

After learning all of that, I could not help but think that it surely is a site where numerous parisians have enjoyed a good time over the past century…and I will conclude by stating that I too enjoyed my stay, although it was most certainly one of a quieter nature!

Address: 10 bis rue du Débarcadère, 75017 PARIS - FRANCE

Website: https://www.le10bishotel-paris.com/