Where and How to Flirt in Paris, the City of Love..

Find that special person in Paris with our top tips about flirting in the City of Love

Atmospheres in this tip:

Ahhh, Paris! The City of Love, Lights and Lots of pastry. If you’re planning a singles trip to Paris, or maybe you’re coming over for an extended period and are hoping to find love, you’ll need our top tips on where, when and how to flirt!


Where to find flirtation in Paris

First things first. It is NOT under the Eiffel Tower that you’ll find that special someone. You’re far more likely to be asked if you can take a photo of an already loved-up couple. Either that or if you want to buy a tacky key-ring. Walk away, just walk. Away.

All of the main tourist sights are a no-go if you’re hoping for a cute conversation and maybe something more. Cross off your list: Montmartre (you will get chatted up but only by creepy guys who hang out just to drink and target foreigners), the Arc de Triomphe (too noisy, anyway), the Champs Elysées and the Louvre. The Parisians who do live and work around these areas have short patience for tourists, they see enough of them every day...

Instead, if you want to meet relaxed, open-minded Parisians (or other nationalities) who don’t mind chatting to a stranger, go to areas that have a high percentage of locals who aren’t always bumping into tourists. We recommend the districts around Parmentier, Oberkampf and Charonne, just east of the city centre. Or go south to the 14th arrondissement. They are full of students and young professionals who come out at night and on weekends to enjoy all the bars and restaurants in the area.


Don't give love the red light

Don't give love the red light

When to get conversation started

During the day

Love doesn’t wait until night falls: it’s not impossible to get talking to a good-looking somebody during working hours. A good place to strike up conversation is at a café, where many Parisians go during their breaks to have a coffee and read the paper. An exhibition can be an excellent place to meet someone too.

At night

It’s true, alcohol does break barriers. But if you’re travelling alone, keep your guard up and drinks limited. A music concert is a great idea as you won’t stand out, and you’ll have plenty of potential comments to make to anyone who catches your eye.


What to say

Looking to pick up a lady? Don’t be too forward. Beautiful women get their fair share of interest in Paris and, as such, can be on the defensive immediately. If in doubt, ask for directions, or to pass the sugar. You’ll normally pick up quite quickly if she’s open to talk. After a handsome gentleman? It might be a sexist cliché, but appealing to a man’s ego is a good way to open conversation. “Excuse me, can you help me?”* is a miracle-worker.

Of course, it works far better if you have some French up your sleeve. Just the slightest effort really makes the difference in Paris, where many locals are used to tourists speaking directly in English. Even if you can’t get further than *“Excusez-moi, pouvez-vous m’aider?”, that charming foreign accent is likely to interest the listener more than the question itself.

Here are some phrases that might help you get your foot in the door:

"Excusez-moi? Je suis perdu(e), je cherche X" (I'm lost, I'm looking for X)

"Excusez-moi? Vous connaissez le quartier ? Je cherche xxx" (Are you from the area? I'm looking for X)

Concert: "Les musiciens sont pas mal, non ?" (The musicians aren't bad, right?)

Exhibition "J'aime beaucoup le style, et vous ?" (I really like the style, you?)

"Je suis desolé(e) Je ne parle pas français" (I'm sorry, I don't speak French)

"Je parle un petit peu français" (I speak a little French)
Lastly...the best, classic way of starting a conversation in French.

"Excusez-moi? Vous avez du feu ?" (Excuse me, do you have a lighter?)

Although we don't recommend starting a smoking habit just for a kiss...!