What If I’m Sick?

Becoming sick while you are travelling is never a fun thing, but here are a few tips to help you

Atmospheres in this tip:

In case of an emergency, dialling 15 for SAMU (ambulance) or 18 for the fire paramedics should be your first reflex, you can also walk into any hospital at any time and they will take care of you. The idea that public health ‘isn’t safe’ might be true in certain countries, but it’s not the case in France. They will simply treat you first, and talk about money later.

You can also choose to go to one of the two English speaking hospitals in the Paris region:

  • the American Hospital, 63 boulevard Victor Hugo 92202 Neuilly
    (tel: +331 46 41 25 25)
  • the British Hospital, 3 rue Barbès 92300 Levallois
    (tel: +331 46 39 22 22)

If your life is not in immediate danger but you prefer not to leave your house for whatever reason, SOS Médecins will send a doctor in less than an hour for around 70€
(tel: +331 47 07 77 77).

You can also ask pharmacists for help. They are highly trained medical specialists who are entitled to give medical advice, and some pharmacies, called “pharmacies de garde” are open 24/7.
Find the list of off-hours Pharmacies in Paris here.

Finally, you can see any general doctor for about 20€, and you may even get reimbursed by your health insurance if they cover international travels.