What Do I Need on My Phone When in Paris?

Visiting Paris can be ridiculously easy by using a few mobile apps.

Atmospheres in this tip:

  • Whether you’re taking the bus, the RER or the Metro, the RATP (the Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transport) has 2 great apps: RATP: Subway Paris and Visit Paris by Metro. The first one allows you to check when your next train or bus will be at the station of your choice, while also giving you the quickest route to your destination and warning you about any issues on the lines. The second one does a bit less, but has the advantage of working offline, providing you with the routes and the maps of the RER/Metro at any time.
  • Don’t know what to do? Need a cab? An activity idea? HiJames is a virtual city guide that can help you with almost anything. The application connects travellers with a personal guide, allowing you to plan offline or receive the best up-to-date activities and events in the capital.
  • If you’re fond of street art, Paris Street Art is the app you want. Not only does it tell you where you can find graffiti, you can also take and add your own photos to the map.
  • You’re a bike lover, so the bus and the Metro are of no interest to you BUT… all the Velibs are taken. Thanks to Univelo Paris, you’ll know when and where a Velib’ is being parked. You just have to select the stations you’re interested in, and the app will let you know when a bike is available.
  • It's 6pm, you’re in the middle of the capital with your friends and have no idea where to go for a French apéro. Happy Hours Paris allows you to find happy hours around you in Paris. You can search by price, by distance and by opening time. You can also use the map to find the cheapest bars around you.
  • Alternatively, Sunny Chairs finds the best Cafés and Restaurants to sit outside. In real time, it will tell you what tables are the most sunlit along with their opening hours and what food and drinks they serve.
  • Toilets in Paris is pretty self-explanatory. Working both online and offline, you can make a search around your position or a search by address.

If you need an Internet access, find free Wifi spots in cafés, restaurants and libraries. If you’re trying to access the web from the Metro, the lines 1 and A are the only ones already with 3G/4G, the rest of the network is being progressively equipped.