Top places in Paris to tan!

The best places to perfect your Paris tan

Atmospheres in this tip:

Forget novelty berets and miniature Eiffel Towers, the best memento you can take back home from Paris is a souvenir in the form of a golden glow. A healthy tan shows you really had time to relax, and proves that Europe really isn't grey all year round...!

The best places to perfect your Paris tan...


Secluded parks

The large grassy spaces and slopes make the Buttes Chaumont park (75019) a perfect spot to soak up the sun. However, it's also very popular with the locals, meaning you won't be alone but, then again, you won't be looked at strangely in your bikini.

Cross the river and head over to the quieter 15th arrondissement and the André-Citroën park. It might be located over an old car factory, but now the 14 hectares host a fun fountain display to cool off in, wide grass areas that get the sun all day long and more secluded spaces.

The Bercy district might be more known for its large stadium that looks like a spaceship hiding under some grass, but it also has a lovely park: the unsurprisingly-named Parc de Bercy (75012). Set over different levels, you'll find the perfect sun angle - or you could simply stroll through the gardens.

At the south of the city, next to a large student campus, is the Montsouris Park (75014). If you're after a bit of privacy, this is a good place to go. Trees and walkways divide the park into different areas.

The Parc de la Villette (75019) has its own special character - unsurprising when you learn that the deconstructionist philosopher Jacques Derrida had a role in its conception! Anyway, back to the sun: the park's 35.5 hectares and sun-exposed spots make it perfect for tanning.


By the water's edge

We don't know how much truth there is in the theory that you bronze better by/in water, but we do appreciate its gentle splashing sounds as we work on our tan.

If you're lucky, you might be able to grab a deckchair by the fountains in the Tuileries park (75001) and the Luxembourg Garden (75006). Keep your clothes on, however, as those metal rungs can leave some nasty stripes along the backs of your thighs...

Moe comfortable seating can be found at any one of the pop-up bars along the pedestrianized section of the riverbanks, Les Berges (75007). We've also heard that there are some riverside bars perfect for catching the sun next to the BNF library (75013).

The Bois de Boulogne (75016) and the Bois de Vincennes (75012) also have large lakes that you can explore by boat, or simply admire from your towel on the banks. The winding woodland paths are perfect for escaping the heat of the day or going for a late-afternoon run.

Get even closer to the water by swimming in it! The Josephine Baker (75013) outdoor swimming pool floats on the Seine, and has several much-coveted deckchairs that quickly get snapped up by sun-seekers like us! The pool at the Buttes aux Cailles (75013) is also outdoors, but has fewer visitors. Get fit while getting a tan - perfect!


Another solution of course is to find a friend with a balcony... and don't forget the suncream!