Top 10 Most Beautiful Paris Metro Stations

Atmospheres in this tip:

In existence since 1900, the Parisian Metro runs over 219 kilometres. Of its 303 stations, dispersed over 16 lines, here are 10 of the most beautiful!

  • Arts et metiers, line 11

With its walls covered in copper, the Belgian artist François Schuiten made the station feel like the insides of a submarine, steampunk style.


  • Bastille, line 1

On the platform of line 1, a wonderful fresco depicts the different stages of the ‘Prise de la Bastille’ (Storming of the Bastille prison).


  • Bir Hakeim, line 6

On either side of the glass roof, the station displays a set of stained-glass windows designed by artist Judy Ledgerwood.


  • Cité, line 4

20-metres underground, this station is known for its odd lighting: streetlamps hanging over the walls create an almost ghoulish greenish light.


  • Cluny – La Sorbonne, line 10

Aside from its particularity of having 3 tracks, this station's ceiling is decorated with a mosaic by Jean Bazaine and the signatures of some of La Sorbonne's famous students.


  • Concorde, line 12

Rebuilt in 1991, Concorde’s walls were covered with white ceramic squares and blue letters. The piece of art, designed by François Schein, represents the Declaration of Human Rights of 1789.


  • Franklin Roosevelt, line 1

The station Franklin Roosevelt was renovated when the line 1 became automatic. Very modern, its soft lighting and yellow walls make it a particularly unusual station to visit.


  • Louvre – Rivoli, ligne 1

Both a metro stop and a veritable museum itself, Louvre – Rivoli is one of the most wonderful stations in the Metro. Even though a few pieces of art were removed when it became automatic, they were put back later.


  • Tuileries, line 1

The Tuileries walls are decorated with an illustrated frieze underlining important events in History.


  • Abbesses, ligne 12

Abbesses is a typical Parisian Metro station with white square tiling, yellow seats and large advertising signs.