Supermarket Guide for Paris

Atmospheres in this tip:

If you are visiting Paris, the second most expensive city in the world, you might not want to eat out every night. If you do decide to cook your own food, or even prepare a picnic lunch while you explore the sights, you will need these tips on what supermarket is the most suitable for your needs.

  • Monoprix

Although opinions differ, Monoprix is usually a good supermarket if you’re looking for a specific item. Comparable to Target in the US, or Sainsbury's in the UK, Monoprix also sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and has its own, less expensive, Monoprix brand products. Every arrondissement has at least one large Monoprix store.


  • Franprix

As the chain with the most supermarkets in Paris, you'll find a Franprix in almost every neighbourhood. Franprix has also bought out “Leader Price”, one of the cheapest store brands around, and they offer decent products, frozen options and general grocery needs. Many locations are even open on Sundays and until 10 PM at night.


  • Carrefour

The Walmart - or Tesco - of France, Carrefour offers a huge variety of brand names and generic goods. You can find smaller shops, called Carrefour Market and Carrefour City, within Paris and larger Carrefour superstores just outside the city.


  • Dia

Dia (formerly known as Ed) is known as a bit of a hit or miss. Don’t count on the fresh produce, but there are definitely cheap products available, if you’re not picky or on a strict shopping list.


  • Picard

While not the cheapest place to shop, Picard does offer an excellent selection of exclusively frozen goods. You can get almost anything frozen for reasonable prices, considering the good quality.