Music Festivals in Paris this Spring/Summer 2015

Atmospheres in this tip:

You’re spoilt for choice if music festivals are your thing, and you just happen to be coming to Paris this spring/summer, because the City of Light is gearing up to shake to the beat of almost-weekly music festivals! There’s no way you won’t find one to suit your taste...


Jazz lovers will be tapping their toes to the tunes of the Paris Jazz Festival, held at the Parc Floral in the eastern Bois de Vincennes every weekend from 7th June - 26th July. Over its twenty years of existence, the Paris Jazz Festival has become the most famous of its kind in France, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. On the other side of the city, the La Defense Jazz Festival takes place on the imposing business plaza of the Esplanade de la Defense from 29th June - 6th July.


The new(ish) kid on the electro and techno festival scene is the Weather Festival, held from 27th May - 7th June at various venues around the city. This year they are celebrating the final weekend of the festival in the Bois de Vincennes, the place to be for music in 2015 it seems! Get those glow sticks ready...

Les Siestes Electroniques is based in the South of France, but they kindly spread their electronic love all over the country, with performances taking place in Paris from 5th July - August 2 every Sunday at the Musée du Quai Branly. A major plus point: it’s freeeee!

Rock and Pop

The two biggest rock and pop festivals that Paris hosts are Solidays (26-28 June) and Rock en Seine (28-30 August). Tickets sell out incredibly quickly, but if you miss them, don’t worry: there’s also the Soirs d’été rock festival held on the newly-renovated Place de la République from 6th - 11th July, with over 15 different performances. The neighbours can’t wait.

Hip Hop

Paris Hip Hop (19th June 6th July) sees musicians invade the four corners of Paris in a variety of venues at least once a day for over two weeks! They’ve also organised exhibitions, live ateliers, conferences and dance competitions to meet all your hip and hop needs.

Mixed Genre

We are in France, so let’s embrace the local music! The Days Off festival (July 1-10) does have international artists, but - despite the English title - is known as a more Francophone event. It’s being held at the brand new Philharmonic Hall, which is well worth a visit in itself.

The Paris quartier d’été festival (14th July - 15th August) takes pride in its international spectrum and its variety of genres: from interpretative dance and art installations to contemporary theater and more traditional musical performances. Don’t be mislead by the “Paris” title: there are numerous events held in in the suburbs too, and many are free.

The Fête de la Musique (June 21st) is an unmissable night of music that takes place on nearly every street corner/music venue/bar in Paris (and throughout France). Not only is it, literally, unmissable because it takes over the city, but the atmosphere is unique. Get a good pair of walking boots, and spend the night wandering around listening, dancing and having an all-round great time.

Another free music festival is FNAC Live, from 15 - 18th July, held in front of the stunning town hall (“la Mairie”). It was named “Best Free Festival” in 2014, so let’s see if it manages to keep up its impressive reputation this year.

Thirty years old, the Festival d’Ile de France (6th Sept - 11th October) is another multi-genre music festival, with everything from world music to pop, baroque, classical and contemporary performances. This “great cultural treasure hunt” attracts over 20,000 visitors every year. The festival’s unique aspect is its emphasis on location: events are held in unusual heritage sites, such as old castles, warehouses and churches.


Whichever music festival(s) you choose to enjoy this summer, have a dance for us!