Authentic Jazz bars in Paris

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What could be more special than an evening spent listening to authentic jazz music at a locals' bar in Paris? Search online and you'll find hundreds of music evenings in the City of Light, but beware, many just cater for tourists. We've followed the sound of saxophones across the city to give you the best of the best when it comes to a true musical experience...

Top Ten Jazz Bars in Paris

1. Duc des Lombards

42 rue des Lombards 75001

You can't get much more central than the jazz bar Duc des Lombards, located right between the Chatelet metro station and the Pompidou Centre. They host performances every evening, although we recommend buying tickets online because weekend events get sold out pretty quickly. Drinks are a little pricey because of its popularity, so sip that cocktail slowly!


2. Le Musset

5 Rue de l'Échelle, 75001

Staying central, Le Musset doesn't charge entry for its bi-monthly jazz sessions. It's primarily a restaurant, with good quality food for the price. Like Le Duc, the cost rises rapidly when you order drinks... Across from the Louvre museum, this brasserie does attract a tourist crowd, but the music is authentic and well worth it.

3. Selective Art Kfé

9, rue Dauphine 75006

Let''s hop across the river into the chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. With such a rich and long history of famous artists, writers and musicians frequenting the area, it's no surprise that quirky places like the Italian-owned Selective Art Kfé exist. There is a restaurant and piano upstairs, and downstairs a wine cellar with space for 30 where they hold evening jazz concerts almost daily.


4. Swan Bar

165, Bld du Montparnasse 75006

For a slightly chaotic but all-round fun musical evening, get yourself over to the NYC-themed Swan Bar at the top of the Luxembourg Garden. It's a small bar, with a stage at the back where organised - and less organised - performances are held. It definitely has that 'local' feel that makes the music all the more enjoyable.

5. Caveau des Legèndes

22 Rue Jacob 75006

More music in the 6th arrondissement can be found at the Caveau des Legèndes. The setting is truly magical- an underground 'cave' (former wine cellar) decorated with candles and cosy lighting. Some of the most famous jazz musicians have played here, and the Caveau continues to attract talent.

6. L'Apostrophe

23 Rue de la Grange aux Belles 75010

A hop and a skip from the hipster hangout Canal Saint Martin, L'Apostrophe is the kind of bar you might walk straight past if you didn't know better. Go on a Friday night and enjoy the live improv ("boeuf") jazz music from 8.30pm to the early hours...! They also hold art exhibitions and serve well-priced tasty food.


7. Atelier Charonne

21 rue Charonne 75011

Every Sunday evening, the Atelier Charonne holds a Jam Session hosted by the enigmatic musician William Brunard. But that's not all, they also have a packed calendar of jazz, blues, swing and improv nights. The atmosphere is relaxed and far from the pretentious crowd that can often be found at Parisian music nights. Serious fun guaranteed.

8. Petit Journal Montparnasse

13, Rue du Commandant René Mouchotte 75014

This brasserie/concert hall runs different jazz events every night of the weekend except Sundays. The Petit Journal Montparnasse is one of the most respected and established jazz venues in the city, making it an absolute must-see for music fans, who won't be disappointed by the quality, not just onstage, but on the menu too.

9. Jazz Club Etoile

81 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr 75017

Located on the ground floor of the Le Meridien Etoile hotel, the Jazz Club is one of Paris' more sophisticated venues. Dress up, put on your smart shoes, and enjoy a classy cocktail while listening to live concerts: Thursday to Saturday from 9.30pm -1am.

10. Autour de Midi…et minuit

11 Rue Lepic 75018

The rue Lepic in Montmartre is popular among tourists and locals alike thanks to its plethora of restaurants and bars. Autour de Midi might not stand out immediately, but its downstairs "cave à jazz" makes it a very special place, fully deserving of its rave reviews online.

For more information about jazz and blues venues in Paris, check out the Paris Jazz Club, who provide an up-to-date agenda on what's on in The City of Light.

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