St Germain des Prés

Saint Germain des Prés is one of Paris’ districts with the highest concentration of historic locations, but is also known as a very chic neighbourhood. The entire area developed around the Saint Germain church, which is a must-see for anyone passing through. Discover a chic yet diverse neighbourhood where you'll understand why Paris is considered the cultural centre of the world!

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Boris Vian, a famous French author from the 20th century, wrote a guide to the Saint Germain des Prés neighbourhood. Many of the places he mentions still exist today, such as the Lipp Brasserie and the Flore café. What is so interesting about this neighbourhood is the concentration of historic addresses which still remain in the same perfect condition today as 100 years ago. Another famous location, an icon of the Saint Germain area is the Procope restaurant. Built in 1686, the restaurant has hosted many famous clients, such as Voltaire, Diderot and Rousseau. The restaurant was also where major decisions were made, such as the elaboration of the American Constitution. Enjoy a good meal or simply an afternoon drink in this cosy and historically-important reatsurant. Read more...


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Very high prices for restaurants and cafés.

  • wealthy families
  • businessmen
  • students
Touristy in certain places, such as the churches and museums. But if you walk around the side streets you will mostly see Parisians.

Main Metro Stations:
  • Saint-Germain des Prés (line 4)
  • Saint Sulpice (line 4)
  • Odéon (line 4, 10)
Bus: 63, 86, 70, 96

  • Cour du Commerce St André
  • Eglise Saint Germain
  • Place Saint Sulpice
  • Café Lipp
  • Procope restaurant

A chic and artistic neighbourhood


  The Saint Germain des Prés neighbourhood developed during the 6th century, when a small village grew around the Abbey of Saint Germain des Prés. Six centuries later, the Saint Germain village was legally established and was outside of the walls protecting Paris. As early as the 14th century, magnificent hotels and mansions were built around the Boulevard Saint Germain. But it was only at the beginning of the 17th century that the village truly became a base for intellectuals, artists and writers. Read more...

Who you'll find there

The area has has a large concentration of wealthy families living in the neighbourhood for many years. During the day, you will also come across many students, because of the district’s proximity to the Sorbonne, although most of them don't live in Saint Germain des Prés. Read more...