Latin Quarter

A thriving student neighbourhood, the Latin Quarter (le Quartier Latin) is also a popular area for tourists thanks to its magnificent architecture, intellectual history and well-preserved, typically Parisian, streets.

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Did you know: the oldest monument in Paris might never have been discovered! Built during the 1st century, the Lutèce Arena was abandoned around the 17th century and buried under rocks and debris. By sheer chance, urban developer Théodore Vacquer rediscovered the arena in 1869, as he was planning a new street to facilitate traffic flow. It took many years, and a lot of support from famous people such as Victor Hugo, for the city of Paris to restore the arenas in as much of their original state as possible. The Luxembourg Palace, which watches over the Luxembourg garden, has retained its character over the centuries. However, before becoming the French Senate's headquarters, the Palace hosted a prison during the French Revolution ( 1789). Read more...


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  • tourists
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Main Metro stations
  • St Michel ( line 4 )
  • Odéon ( line 4, line 10 )
  • Luxembourg ( RER B )
Bus : 21, 27, 38, 82, 85, 84, 89

  • Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Panthéon
  • Institut du Monde Arabe
  • Jardin des Plantes
  • Place Monge

From the oldest monuments to the best student bars, the Latin Quarter has it all!


The Latin Quarter get its name from the official language used in the education system, spoken daily by teachers and students until the end of the 18th century. However, the neighbourhood's history starts hundreds of years before, when the first communities lived in what wasn't even called Paris at the time, but “Lutèce”. Around 52 B.C, the Romans took over the city and built their headquarters on the Montagne Saint-Geneviève (a hill situated on the left bank of the Seine). They built many structures, such as Roman baths, theatres and arenas. Read more...

Who you'll find there

The Latin Quarter's population consists mainly of students. However, because the area has some of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in the city, there are often many tourists around the historical sights and the very touristy rue Mouffetard. Read more...