La Villette

Like a city within a city, the La Villette park and its surroundings are an escape from traditional Paris. The La Villette park is the largest in Paris, spreading over 55 hectares. The area is considered one of the most innovative and dynamic in the capital. Situated to the east of the city, far away from the main tourist attractions, the park is loved by Parisians wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle, only 10 minutes away from the centre of Paris.

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The area surrounding La Villette is full of surprises! To the east of the park, you'll find some beautiful small docks, reminiscent of Amsterdam! The canals are a must-see in Paris, so be sure to not miss out on an occasion to hang out there. Many people go there when the sun is out to relax, catch up with friends and people-watch. If you want to stroll around the docks, we have the perfect spot for you to stop and have a cheap drink in a laid-back atmosphere: the Bar Ourcq. During the summer or simply when the sun shines, you can grab a delicious homemade cocktail and sit in deckchairs outside: Read more...


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Entrance to museums and other attractions is not very expensive, just like the bars and restaurants surrounding the area.

  • students
  • artists
  • families

  • Main Metro Stations:  Porte de Pantin (line 5), Porte de la Villette (line 7)
  • Bus: 75, 139, 150, 151, 152, 151, PC 2, PC 3

  • Geode
  • Grande Halle
  • Cité des Sciences
  • Canal
  • La Villette Park

This modern area of Paris has something for all ages to enjoy!


The La Villette area was part of the four communes of the Seine department, which were attached to the city of Paris in 1860. In 1867, on the orders of Napoleon III, the La Villette abbatoir were built, becoming the headquarters of all Paris’ famous butchers, where restaurants from all around France came to get their supplies. Nearly completely destroyed in 1974, the city officials planned the creation of a centre for leisure, science and art. This plan became a reality in 1983, when the creation of the park was assigned to Bernard Tschumi. Read more...

Who you'll find there

No one officially lives in La Villette itself, as it is a huge leisure park and cultural centre, without any residential buildings. During the week, you'll mostly find children and teenagers on field trips, students hanging around the park and a few tourists visiting the area. Read more...