Canal Saint-Martin

Over the last few years, the Canal Saint-Martin, previously a working-class neighbourhood, has become on of the most sought-after areas in Paris. Situated between the 10th and 11th arrondissements, the Canal and its surrounding area have a high concentration of bars, restaurants and shops, making the district one of Paris’ principal hipster hangouts.

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  If you're looking for a healthy and delicious Sunday brunch, we have the perfect place. Soya used to be an old workshop, but has been transformed into a trendy organic restaurant, with light wood decor creating a cosy atmosphere. The food here is vegetarian, light and super healthy! Even meat lovers won't notice the absence of meat, as the dishes are so varied, original and exciting, you'll forget everything you ever heard about vegetarian food being bland and boring. Here, you’ll mostly come across families, couples and groups of friends. Many people here are regulars and the place is often full, so don't forget to book in advance. Soya is located at the bottom of the Canal Saint-Martin, on its 11th arrondissement side. Read more...


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  • Students
  • Families
  • Young professionals

Main Metro Stations: République (line 5, 3, 9,11), Stalingrad (line 2,5,7),  Jaurès (line 2, 5) Bus: lines 56, 65

  • The Canal
  • Chez Antoine et Lili
  • Alter Mundi
  • Point Ephémère
  • Le Coq

A canal where people come to study, relax and party!


Before the French Revolution in 1789, Parisians didn't have a regular supply of drinkable water, especially considering how polluted the Seine was. To avoid diseases such as dysentry and cholera, Napoleon I (who was Consul of the city at the time) and Chabrol (Prefect of Paris), decided to take action. After some financial problems, because of France's situation at the beginning of the 19th Century (the Napoleonic wars), the Company of the Canals was created in 1818, followed by the Canal Saint-Martin Company, who undertook the construction of the Canal. The 4.5km Canal Saint-Martin was inaugurated in 1825 by King Charles X. Read more...

Who you'll find there

This Canal Saint-Martin neighbourhood is a melting-pot area, a bit like a mini Brooklyn. The majority of the population is constituted of families, who are looking for a calm, affordable but also trendy and active neighbourhood. Read more...